•  Employers

    Struggling to find high caliber candidates? CV’s look great but fail at interview stage?  If the candidates you are seeing just struggle to hit the mark you need a recruitment partner that truly understands you and your business.  Someone that ensures you only see the very best of what and who is relevant. Making the ‘hunt to hire’ process as painless as possible.

  •  Onit

    There is no doubt the recruitment process can be complicated and stressful. Our process is simple – invest time to make sure we really understand what each party is looking for.  Remain open, honest and transparent – at all times. Onit is the linchpin in the recruitment process.

  •  Candidates

    Hate your job? Change it. Many factors combined make the right job – we invest time with every candidate to qualify exactly what you are looking for. We get the door open – you decide if you want to go through and take a seat. We will not push you into anything.





  • What we offer

    • 12 years of recruitment process expertise within Sales, Marketing and IT disciplines
    • A series of commitments to Employers and Candidates that will never be compromised
    • A one-to-one relationship underpinned by service, accuracy and choice
    • Employers it is your hire, Candidates it is your job – you call the shots
    • Our primary success measure is satisfied Employers and Candidates
    • We will save you time, energy and hassle and will differentiate through service and results.
  • What Our Clients Say