If you are going to spend 40 hours a week doing something – enjoying it is essential.  Wherever you are in your career be it school leaver or Graduate, 2nd, 3rd or 4th job or the job taking you to retirement – we are keen to get to know what you are looking for.  We may not have the ‘right’ job today, but a conversation or meeting may help you realise what you are doing is not that bad.  Maybe it would be better for your career to sit tight for another 6 months, maybe you want some advice to get through a performance review, ask for a payrise or how to resign. We may not have the answers to all your problems but we will certainly take time to understand you as an individual and strive to give you options.

Onit Recruitment chooses not to specialise in one particular niche.  The cross section of roles we have filled is vast and varied and spans many industries.  If we had to catagorise, a mix of Commercial and Technical would be appropriate, although we would prefer to be known as a Recruitment Process & People Specialist. Here is a snapshot of previous successes:

  • Commercial

    • Sales Administrators
    • Sales Execs – (Telesales and Field Sales)
    • Account Managers
    • Business Development Managers
    • Sales Managers / Director
    • Marketing Execs (Client & Agency side)
    • Marketing Managers
    • Supply Chain Coordinators
    • All levels of Customer Service
  • Technical

    • 1st and 2nd Line Support (Software and Infrastructure)
    • Server and Network Analysts
    • Project Managers
    • Implementation Consultants
    • Software Trainers
    • Software Development
    • Heads of Production & Operations
    • Field Service Engineers
    • CAD Engineers and Product Designers

Our Candidate Commitments

  • We will invest time  – we will listen to you, understand exactly what you want and what is right for you
  • Thorough and transparent with every act we carry out on your behalf
  • It is your career – it is your decision. We get the door open but we will not push you through it
  • No false promises, straight talking – always. Feedback will always be given promptly.
  • We will ensure that you feel suitably prepared for any interview you attend
  • Your CV will not be sent anywhere with out your consent
  • Confidential, compliant and diligent.

We work with you to further your career…

How we can help?

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  • Getting through the interview?


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