Onit Recruitment

Gregor Alton

My career in recruitment started in 2003.  Fresh out of University, plus a few winter seasons, I saw my first role in recruitment as the ideal position to see all of the jobs out there that I may be interested in and have first pick!

After some excellent training, I found myself in at the deep end.  People’s careers in my hands, the future strategies of my clients depending on whom I might find – I began to thrive on the intrinsic rewards of ‘getting it right’.  I got a huge buzz out of helping both sides navigate the complicated recruitment process.

21 years later – the buzz is just as great.  Over the years as my career has developed, I have gained greater authority to understand, empathise, qualify and support all parties in the recruitment process.

Careers have such an influence on our lives, I see it as a privilege to support candidates in their career development.  Equally, employees are the greatest assets of any organisation – the challenge of connecting the two successfully keeps me coming back!


Be regarded as a recruitment business that is making a positive difference in the recruitment process for its candidates and clients alike.  To be a trusted Partner in career development and talent acquisition and retention.


To work tirelessly on behalf of the candidates and clients represented, deliver on all client and candidate commitments and remain open, honest and transparent at all times.

Core Values


Treat every candidate and client as if they are the only one. Invest time, make time, and show genuine care. Prioritise their needs, listen attentively, and provide personalised attention throughout the process.


Treat every candidate and client as if they are the only one. Invest time, make time, and ensure they feel valued. Build strong relationships, understand their needs, and provide personalised attention and support.


Your career or your staff – putting either in Onit’s hands is not taken for granted.  You can count on Onit Recruitment, be confident that nobody’s integrity will be compromised.

If I need a key member of staff, I look no further than Onit Recruitment. Greg’s calm and measured approach to recruiting always brings results. Greg insists on having extensive knowledge of the role before searching for perspective candidates. If a candidate does not meet everything in the job description criteria they will not be introduced. Greg will show urgency and drive but will not be rushed, his post interview communication / feedback is always very timely and precise. After service is second to none checking in on successfully placed candidates. A nice, caring person who genuinely wants to find you fantastic staff who is a pleasure to work with.
Factory Manager
Outstanding end to end service from Greg at Onit Recruitment. From our initial conversation Greg demonstrated a remarkable understanding of my skillset and where I might fit in an organisation. Thanks to his knowledge, network and especially his vigour, I was able to secure a position in a matter of days. With his proactive nature, continued support during the interview and onboarding process, he is second to none and I highly recommend Greg to anyone seeking new employment
Marketing Executive