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    My career in recruitment started in 2003.  Fresh out of University, plus a few winter seasons, I saw my first role in recruitment as the ideal position to see all of the jobs out there that I may be interested in and have first pick!

    After some excellent training, I found myself in at the deep end.  People’s careers in my hands, the future strategies of my clients depending on whom I might find – I began to thrive on the intrinsic rewards of ‘getting it right’.  I got a huge buzz out of helping both sides navigate the complicated recruitment process.

    Fast forward 10 or so years – the buzz is just as great.  Sure it has its challenges, but over the years as my career has developed I have gained greater authority to understand, empathise, qualify and support all parties in the recruitment process.

    Careers have such an influence on our lives – I see it as a privilege to support candidates in their career development.  Equally, employees are the greatest assets of any organisation – connecting the two, I have found my ideal job!

    2015 marks the next step in my career – the launch of Onit Recruitment.

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